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Daffodils mean Spring is here!

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the spring flower daffodil, Sometimes referred to by their botanical name, narcissus daffodil. Daffodils are great spring plant for people without a green thumb, they are Hardy flowers and they multiply quickly giving you more bulbs each year.

Unlike a lot of other flowers daffodils are low-maintenance, they are not as sensitive to their environment as many other They grow well in shade or full sun, and are tolerant to varying soil conditions. though they are very tolerant plants, soil conditions that are too wet can cause bulb rot which can cause them to not do well.

Daffodils should be planted in the fall or winter in clusters of multiple bulbs. You should plant the bulbs 6 in deep, with the point towards the Sun. They typically bloom for 3 to 4 weeks in early Spring. They do best in agriculture zones 3 through 8, (for our local readers we are in zone 6).

Daffodils can be pruned twice during the season, once the flower has died you should cut the dead flower off flush with the leaves, and leave the green leaves to grow until mid-summer. During this time the bulbs are growing and multiplying. When the green leaves die about mid to late summer, you can cut them off flush with the ground.

Fun Fact

The genus name Narcissus dates back to Greek mythology.

You may have heard the story of Narcissus and Echo.

Echo fell in love with Narcissus after catching a glimpse of him while he was hunting deer in the woods. Echo who had been cursed by the god Juno to only be able to repeat the last words of every sentence that was spoken to her, pursued Narcissus but to no avail.

Narcissist was annoyed by Echo and fled to a nearby stream to escape her. He peered into the shimmering water where he caught a glimpse of his own reflection. Entranced by his own beauty he fell in love with himself and was unable to look away, he stayed there lying by stream, gazing at his reflection until he eventually died and his body turned into a pale yellow flower growing along the banks of the Stream.

It is said that Echo was so distraught by Narcissus' rejection that she grieved until she wasted away to nothing and only her voice remained.

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